Hangar 97

Hangar 97 (DFAC) is open to all personnel with base access!  Choose from a wide variety of salads, pizza, burgers, sub sandwiches, hot foods and more!


Something for everyone!

Hangar 97 offers a variety of food that can satisfy everyone!  Big City Grill offers a great selection of burgers, chicken sandwiches, chicken tenders, fries and onion rings!  Ciao Pizza offers many different pizzas to choose from or customize your own!  Super Sonic Subs has wonderful sub sandwiches with delicious bread made here fresh daily!  If you are wanting great comfort food the Eatery offers such items as meatloaf, lemon dill cod, chicken Marsala and there are great sides such as potatoes and steamed vegetables!  The Restaurant Rotation changes themes quarterly.  This quarter is Chopsticks, which is East Asian inspired cuisine featuring Mongolian stir fry, Pad Thai and noodle bowls!

Grab & Go

Our Grab & Go area has a variety of items such as pre made salads, pre made sandwiches, yogurt, parfaits, fresh diced fruit, fresh cut veggies, hard boiled eggs, milk, Powerade, and a variety of bottled soda.  We also have cereal, granola bars, cookies, brownies and chips that you can grab as well!


Touch n Go

For those who work after Hangar 97 has closed don't worry we have you covered!  Our Touch n Go pod offers the same items as the Grab & Go, cereal, Poptarts, granola bars, fresh fruit cups, chips and hot coffee.  In addition to those, we have premade hot meals that we provide daily (one main item, a startch and a veggie that vary day to day), hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken sandwiches.